reason #55 why stonefield is the best couple to ever walk the earth:

To him, she’s perfect.

She [Emma] is, as you know, just a fantastic actress, just a genius actress. Spend time with [her] on screen and play with and try to keep up with and… It’s like chasing gold. She is just kind of like… perfect.

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New Captain Swan watercolour with a wardrobe tweak. No idea how it’s going to go in the show so this is a guess! I painted from an idea to make a companion piece to the stargazers but this time a make out session ;) The aurora borealis because I want to see it one day! There’s a lovely little fic to go with this illustration by msgenevieve447, who never seems to run out of ideas and creativity. It’s called Ordinary Magic. Thankyou dearie!

Close up here. Other Captain Swan art here. Have a lovely day!

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pretty outfits (2/?) → thea queen in “the scientist”

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he is nogitsune now.

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Jasper Cillessen AFC Ajax

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