So I watched Aladdin this morning on Disney Channel and this popped up in the end ;-;

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Cause I’m just one of those ghosts, travelin’ endlessly
         Don’t need no roads, In fact, they follow me

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what i mean when i say “i can’t do that” - the depression edition

  • i am unable to do that 
  • i don’t have the energy to do that
  • i cannot wrap my head around what you’re asking me to do
  • there is too much in my head right now
  • i can not do that 

what people hear: 

  • i am unwilling to do that
  • i am being stubborn for no reason
  • i am being dramatic
  • i am lazy
  • i need you to repeat that only louder
  • i need a push
  • i don’t want to do that 

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my sexual orientation is something even the greatest mathematicians cannot graph.

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Another one? I thought we were done after Jude Law!

“Robert you don’t even clean up after Mark Ruffalo, you are not bringing home another one.”

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when you sit across a cute gay guy in a jeepney and he looks at you and you look at him and there’s this tiny hope inside you that maybe he’s bi and you hope he thinks you’re cute and you hope he hopes you’re open to possibilities and then you have to make para because you’re near home na. haha im so konyo why

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@tylerl_hoechlin:  @i_love_harveys @jrbourne1111 @danielsharmanofficial you’re on the clock! #IceBucketChallenge #StrikeoutALS (x)

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August 16th   Detroit, Michigan
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"I balanced all, brought all to mind,
The years to come seemed waste of breath,
A waste of breath the years behind
In balance with this life, this death.”

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I can’t believe I finished it!
This one’s been sitting in the backburner for months; then I picked it up the other night, and now, just a couple of days later… it’s done!! =D
I won’t lie: I played around with the palette and the water effects (reflection or no reflection, light on the surface or no light on the surface, swirls and bubbles and spray and foam) so much, I probably created four or five different version.
But this one won out, because the palette is still somewhat warm, despite them being underwater. I might do a little step-by-step video, if anyone’s interested?

and of course, we cannot release this baby into the intarwebz without the usual bunch of lyrics.

Looking up from underneath
Fractured moonlight on the sea
Reflections still look the same to me
As before I went under

And it’s peaceful in the deep
Cathedral where you cannot breathe
No need to pray, no need to speak

Now I am under all

Florence + The Machine - “Never Let Me Go”


This one is going to be available on S6, and for once also on my DA! =D

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